Sunday, May 16, 2010

Audience Partici...

I'm going to assume that by now you've already heard about the 8 year old girls dancing (and dressed) provocatively during a dance competition. If not, click here.

Caught up? Good. Now go spit up that vomit that just forced its way into your mouth, freshen your breath and get back to me.


Okay, WTF? That three letter acronym rarely has a use so appropriate as here. I'm going to skip the blame the parents bit, because so many others already have, that base is covered. But I am going to enter the blame game with this question: where would the act have been, were it not for the audience?

Follow-up for 50 points, Alex... how much responsibility does the audience have in this situation?

Watch the vid. Watch the audience. Hear the cheers; witness the applause. Oh, sorry, is the vomit back?

Where is the scorn for them? Where is the disgust for those who make it all possible? Because as we know - it's a show, and they're ain't no show when there ain't no body to show it to.

Why? Why did the audience sit and watch? Why wasn't there outrage? Why wasn't there people standing up and walking out? En masse? What would it take? What would the audience have done if there was a striptease? Sat there? Smiled? Continued to take their vids and photos?

Excuse me, but where the fuck is the line?

I thought what that vid shows would have been well on the other side of it.

I was wrong.

Is it our practiced passivity? We sit and watch because that's what we're trained to do? If so, we've got to get into some serious retraining sessions.

We have a responsibility as an audience, don't we? A responsibility to stand up at that very moment and say, "Whoa! Stop the music. This is wrong."

Frightening, I know. To do that in front of so many people, it would be nerve wracking. But to not to, to stand by and watch it all happen before your eyes, and not even try? That's got to be worse. It's got to be. Because if it isn't, this sort of thing is going to keep happening.

Because, when no one stands up, when you have the audience participating by applauding the vileness, the show... must go on.

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